It Starts in The Mind….

It Starts in The Mind….

When preparing to start a business, many believe the first step is to legalize your business. Although that is an important step, it’s not the first step. The first step is to create a business plan. Included in that business plan needs to be recurring motivational requirements. Along the pathway to building a business many loose motivations, which in return causes them to lose focus. Motivation is defined as the willingness or desire of an individual to do something. Having a strong and healthy mindset is imperative to staying motivated. Being around positive people, creating a schedule, speaking daily affirmations, attending yoga sessions, exercising, reading, and routine regular self-care are some ways to maintain a healthy mind.

The mind is known to be the playground where all ideas are birthed. All inventions, ideas, and desires start with a thought. The bible quotes in Proverbs 23:7, that whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Whatever we constantly think about becomes what we manifest. Feeding the mind educational content that surrounds the desire we have will build our focus. It’ll also give us more insight into the business we’re trying to build. A lack of knowledge can cause disappointment when you get deeper into the building process.

 The mind is also known as the battleground. If we can win the battle over our own thoughts we can win the battle everywhere else. Defeating negative and challenging thoughts come with discipline. This goes back to feeding the mind. The old saying is ‘you are what you eat’. Feeding the mind positivity and light will produce positivity and light. Feeding the mind darkness will only produce darkness.

 A tree is known by the fruit it bears, and the fruit comes from the seeds planted.  Some choose prayer or mediation as a method of feeding the mind. I’ve come to discover that rising early in the morning before the break of day gives me a greater level of peace and preparation. Finding the time that works best for you will increase your level of mental soundness. One last thing I have noticed is that many people will invest a lot of money and time in their business ideas, but fail to invest any in the wellbeing of their mind. Healthy mind equals healthy business.

 Talking to a spiritual advisor, a counselor, or even a business coach will help prevent burnout, fatigue, and even business failure. Before you close out that business plan, make sure you’ve set aside some resources and time to strengthen your mind and your motivation; because it al starts in the mind.

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