About Level Up Academy

Level Up Academy Business Incorporation Service offers the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to incorporate your business. We created this service because we know how difficult incorporation can be, especially if you are just starting out. Our incorporation service was designed specifically to help get your company up and running as easily, efficiently, and affordably as possible. With a knowledgeable staff of business incorporation specialists, we are capable of helping with every step of the incorporation process—no matter where your business is located or what industry it might be in. Let's Level Up Academy can help you incorporate today!

Below is a quick synopsis about Let’s Level Up Academy…
Let's Level Up Academy has helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs become legal and accumulated over 1 million dollars in business credit. We pride ourselves in helping every customer “level up" in some aspect of their life. Let's Level Up Academy started in the credit repair industry; we’ve helped customers fix their personal credit. Let's Level Up Academy truly believed that everyone deserves a second chance and there was no such thing as a bad credit score.

It wasn't until we helped over 1,000 people with their personal credit that we realized there was a huge need in the community. Let's Level Up Academy crossed over to business credit; when several businesses needed help with automating their business filing process. We created a program for small businesses and consumers who had dreams of running a successful business; to launch their business without having to find, hire, and pay high-priced and uncertain legal fees. Let’s level up together!